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We are excited to finally have a new rebranded website design. Over the last 2-3 months we have been working very hard, to give a new look to our school website, and bring as much information as parents, students, faculty, staff and any visitors would want. Having used drupal as our medium of choice, it allows for a lot more flexibility in what we will be able to present. There are still more additions coming to the website, such as an alumni space.

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School Information

Student Life


Regular Schedule

HR8:00 AM8:31 AM31 min
Per 18:36 AM9:29 AM53 min
Per 29:34 AM10:27 AM53 min
Per 310:32 AM11:25 AM53 min
Per 411:30 AM12:23 PM53 min
Lunch12:23 PM12:53 PM30 min
Per 512:58 PM1:51 PM53 min
Per 61:56 PM2:49 PM53 min

Common Planning Schedule

HR8:00 AM8:21 AM21 min
Per 18:26 AM9:05 AM39 min
Per 29:10 AM9:49 AM39 min
Per 39:54 AM10:33 AM39 min
Per 410:38 AM11:17 AM39 min
Lunch11:17 AM11:47 AM30 min
Per 511:52 AM12:31 PM39 min
Per 612:36 PM1:15 PM39 min

Minimum Day Schedule

HR8:00 AM8:19 AM19 min
Per 18:24 AM8:57 AM33 min
Per 29:02 AM9:35 AM33 min
Per 39:40 AM10:13 AM33 min
Per 410:18 AM10:51 AM33 min
Brunch10:51 AM11:11 AM20 min
Per 511:16 AM11:49 AM33 min
Per 611:54 AM12:27 PM33 min

Recent News

School Site Council Meeting

Wilmington Middle School's next School Site Council meeting will be taking place on March 24, 2015 at 3pm in room 131. This meeting is open to the public.

Student Appreciation Week!

This week (February 23-27) we are celebrating Student Appreciation Week at Wilmington Middle School.

Start of Spring Semester

The first day of the spring semester is January 12th, 2015. We hope everyone had a nice, relaxed and peaceful holiday break.


Drama Club presents "Short Stories"

The Drama club would like to invite everyone this Thursday December 11th for the special presentation of "Short St

FLL Robotics Competition

The WMS Robotics Program competition teams The CyberJags will be attending the Los Angeles Region FLL Championship

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